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Tower Bolt

A tower bolt which moves in a cylindrical casing; not driven by a key that is called Tower Bolts. Generally it is fitted on the top left corner backside of the door and used to lock the door but mechanism is without we don’t need of any key or usually in hindi we say it ‘Chatkhani’. SS Tower Bolts, Alloys Tower Bolts, Metal Tower bolts, high strength bolts is availed in different grade materials and type of coatings for alloy are:

  • Electro zinc plating
  • Hot dip galvanizing
  • Ptfe fluorocarbon coating
  • Aluminizing
  • Ceramic filled fluorocarbon coating
  • Nickel plating
  • Zinc coating
  • Electro zinc cobalt plating
  • Electro zinc nickel plating
  • Phosphate coating
  • Electro less nickel plating
  • Electro cadmium plating
  • Dacromert 320 / 500 coating
  • Pickled passivated
  • Silver plating
  • Chrome plating

Yama Door Fittings is the best manufacturer and supplier of various grade materials of tower bolts like stainless steel, alloys with different coatings as mentioned above all over in India. Kindly see the various designs of tower bolts as categorized below:

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