Rosa Steel ( India ) is one of the largest and the renowned hardware manufacturing enterprises in the world. Our products have been widely acclaimed by our customers across the world because of its supreme quality & distinct appearance. Much more than merely providing a protection to its occupants, a home is a quiet, yet very persuasive statement by and about the person who has built it. The decors used in a home, thus, also become part of the silent expression in which this statement is being made. So, our ceaseless endeavor has always been to understand this silent expression of our customers & meet their expectations with our finest products and services.

Our products comprise of more than 300 varieties in various categories. We manufacture a variety of residential, commercial and architectural door hinges & fittings. We are capable of manufacturing products with any specifications and that’s where our strength lies. Besides advanced casting technologies we use unique processing methods to design our exquisite products. The consummate processes, highly advanced technologies and YAMA’s manpower are just few of the secrets & strengths behind the company’s undisputed position & success in the industry.

In all our manufacturing processes we strictly conform to the pre defined manufacturing standards of the hardware industry across the world and each product passes through the stringent design and production procedures involving design drawing, molding, manufacturing as well as the rigorous testing course which is done just before the supply of the final product to the market. All our minutely planned processing stages reflect YAMA’s professional attitude and quality conscious approach towards its products. And this is what makes YAMA stand ahead and distinct from the rest.

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