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Lever Handles

A lever is a handle or bar that is connected to a bit of hardware and which you push or draw with a specific end goal to operate the device.
A door handle is a connected component used to physically open or close a door. A door handle by and large alludes to any settled or lever-operated door latch device. The term door handle or doorknob has a tendency to allude to round operated systems.

Lever handles for doors are available in a wide range of styles and finishes. To find the perfect lever for your home you can filter your outcomes by brand, finish or style on the left. In view of changing outline styles, door levers are frequently handed, which means we have to know which way our door swings all together for the lever to bend up or down in the correct direction on the door. In the event that you don't decide the door handing you may have some door levers that bend up and some that bend down all through your home. Numerous simple or present day style door levers are not given. Schlage and Kwikset levers have reversible handling which makes them simple to arrange and introduce.

Yama Door Fittings having a broad collection of lever handles with different latest designs as per customer requirements at very reasonable prices all over in India.

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