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Door Handles

A door handle is an attached object or mechanism used to manually open or close a door. In the United States, a door handle generally refers to any fixed or lever-operated door latch device. The term door knob or doorknob tends to refer to round operating mechanisms. So it is very clear that door handle is generally used to open or close the door and very important door accessories used in the door hardware.

The location of the door handle on the horizontal axis on the door might vary between some inches or centimeters aloof from the sting of the door to the precise center of the door, reckoning on native culture, decorative vogue or owner preference. the space from the edge of the door to the middle of the handle is named the backset.

Most Household Door Handles use a simple technique with a screw style axle with atleast one flat side, which is passed through door jigger.

Type of Household Door Handles:

Entrance: These door handles are usually used on exterior doors, and embrace keyed cylinders.

 usually used on bedrooms and bathrooms; whereas they're lockable (unlockable with a generic tool), they are doing not have keyed cylinders.

additionally called hall or closet, these don't lock and are utilized in hall or closet doors.

Dummy: These varieties are used for ball catch doors or alternative applications wherever a mechanism isn't required, however an analogous aesthetic impact is desired.
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