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Essential Products

Yama Door Fittings provides a wide range of high quality essential products like tower bolt patti, door stoppers, baby latch push button, soft close hinges, auto hinges, door silencer & many more such type of door hardware as per customer needs at reasonable cost all over in India.

Most essential product is door stopper used to hold a door open or closed. These are the types of door stoppers:-

Magnetic Door Stopper: It can be introduce both on a floor to keep doors open and on a wall, to protect it. Appropriately introduced it can hold little and medium doors. Magnetic Door Stopper and Holder made of steel and are available in many color choices to pick.

Spring Door Stopper: Spring Door Stopper attaches into the wall or molding near the floor to prevent the door's knob from hitting the wall. Spring Door Stopper has a no-mar rubber tip to stop damage to the door itself, and is easily installed with mounting screws included.

Here are the list of the essential products specified below with specifications, size, thickness sheat, finish etc.

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